my name is Orit,
I'm a web and graphic designer with 20 years of experience in the field of computer graphics, UI/UX and web creation


Collection of projects in various fields I have been working on


A leading high-tech company in the field of video processing and delivery

Dreams Upon a Time

My final project in UI/UX studies. The development of an E-commerce fashion website

Betilli Urban and IDdesign

Designing and executing digital and print campaigns that enhance brand identity across various mediums, including social platforms, newspapers, and billboards

iCreate marketing

A company offering a dedicated platform tailored for advertisers and digital agencies, empowering them to efficiently create digital assets

XVTEC dashboard

An integrated web server that empowers users to seamlessly set up and configure XVTEC's products

XVTEC management

A web-based Video management software designed to simplify the discovery, management, and configuration of XVTEC's connected products